The Magisterial Foundation of Australia

The currency of the universe is service.

our mission and values


Welcome to Magisterial Mission Foundation of Australia.  Have you considered the possibility of you discovering this website might not be as simple as you think? Can you believe that you have been lead here for a reason? That you may have been directed here to make a change to your life? Well look no further, this is a very special time indeed, this is a time that great changes are being made.  At Magisterial Mission Foundation of Australia, you will discover a new way of life not only for yourself but for this planet, the stage is carefully being set to announce the coming of a Magisterial Son Monjoronson, and he is expected to manifest as an adult of the realm in our life time.  The purpose of this website is to introduce a new order for this planet, to cleanse and revive the planet and to make it sustainable. Lord Monjoronson will introduce new ways of governing this planet through, education, inventions, government and law etc.  This is an establishment where everyone will benefit from, through the active participation of the people of this planet and divine intervention of the various beings to rebuild this planet the days of poverty, war, famine and greed will eventually be eliminated.  His message will include and at the same time transcend all religious and spiritual affiliations.  He is our leader in this Magisterial Mission and through love and intelligent method of design he will ultimately triumph. 

In the words of Monjoronson he states,

“The laws of sustainability are well known in the universe on millions of planets--- except yours. You are beginning to come into the awareness of sustainable social laws, political laws—not the laws written in books, but the laws of behavior, the laws of decision---this is the law of harmony, this is the law of love. Your God, your creator, the First Source and Center loves you! What does that mean? It means simply that you live; you were begotten in a universe that is benevolent, beneficent and wholesome--- outside of the decisions of selfish and evil individuals who harm you… You live in a universe of love. This means that good begets good, and that oneness begets wholeness. You can be a part of this, and when your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, your decisions meld with others, then you are an agent of love. You are an agent of love and light.”

Monjoronson has maintained his presence on Urantia for a long time, but only recently his presence is known to a few individuals.

"You call me Monjoronson, but my name is not Monjoronson. Many groups around the world call me by different names. I am the anticipated Anointed One, the Holy One sent by God. …I am on a mission from Paradise as well, to uphold this work here and assist the mortals on this planet to rejoin the universe in peace and light and love.”

… “My presence on this planet has only been known for the last several years. It has however been anticipated for centuries as many religions do anticipate a personality of divine character who would come here and assist your world to be saved. My presence here is not to heal you by fait accompli, but by a co-creative participation with you where you make decisions to assist yourself and your world to uplift itself, to sustain itself into the future.”

Wendy Winter

President of Magisterial Mission Foundation of Australia